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If you’ve been one of the approximately 20 individuals seriously hurt in vehicle crashes in Rhode Island each month, you do not need any reminder of how life-altering a car wreck can be. The physical injuries you can sustain can severely limit your ability to work and enjoy life, and such traumatic events can also leave you with emotional and mental scars that linger long after broken bones and cuts have healed.

Sands Law is on your side as your Rhode Island motor vehicle accident law firm. We understand the pain and turmoil a senseless car accident can cause to you and your family, and we are here to help. The at-fault driver may not have intended to cause your crash, but that does not excuse their reckless behaviors, and their poor choices should be accounted for.

If you are in need of legal representation and advice following a crash or wreck, the Rhode Island motor vehicle accident attorneys at Sands Law are ready to help. Contact our experienced team today to get started.

Motor vehicle accident cases we can help with.

Our Rhode Island-based lawyers are capable of managing a wide range of motor vehicle accident claims, which include but are not limited to the following:

Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Rhode Island

Negligence lies at the heart of many car accidents, given that many of them are the natural and foreseeable results of careless and reckless driving.

The way such driving manifests may differ from one accident to another, but there are common behaviors that can lead to a collision, such as:

1. Distracted Driving

Drivers who operate their vehicles while otherwise preoccupied are unable to devote their full attention to the road. Such distractions can be manual or visual.

Manual distractions are those that take a driver’s hands off of the wheel, like a cup of coffee or the radio controls, and they make it more difficult for the driver to control their vehicle and take safe, appropriate action while on the road.

A visual distraction diverts the driver’s attention and eyes away from the road, causing them to have a more difficult time spotting dangers like stopped traffic or pedestrians and making it less likely for the driver to avoid a crash. Examples of visual distractions include radio displays, large billboards, or a fellow passenger in the vehicle.

The use of a cell phone, one of the most common distractions for today’s drivers, can actually qualify as both a manual and visual distraction. Nevertheless, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 3,500 people were killed in crashes caused by distracted drivers throughout 2021.

2. Impaired Driving

Alcohol, though a very common culprit behind impaired driving, is just one substance that can lead to such a state. Illegal drugs, prescription medications, and even over-the-counter medicines all have the potential to impair a driver. They may affect you in different ways, but they all put you in a position where you cannot perceive or respond appropriately to what is going on around you.

Compared to other states, Rhode Island reported the fewest number of alcohol-related fatal accidents in 2020, with only 25 reported that year across the whole state, but it’s important not to rest on your laurels. An impaired driver can cause serious injuries, and when they do, you may need the expertise of a Rhode Island motor vehicle accident to help you secure justice for your injuries.

3. Reckless Driving

Reckless actions include decisions behind the wheel that are consciously made; that is, made with the knowledge that they will increase the risk of a crash. Turning left in front of oncoming traffic, attempting to cut other drivers off, and speeding through intersections to beat a yellow light are all examples of reckless behavior. In fact, according to the National Safety Council, almost 30 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes in 2021 were caused by speeding alone.

Compensation Available in a Rhode Island Car Accident Case

You may be facing considerable amounts of bills and expenses relating to your crash, and you might wonder whether filing a case with a Rhode Island motor vehicle accident lawyer is even worth the trouble. The answer is a wholehearted yes, as — through a successful lawsuit — you can recover compensation to help you with your expenses and other losses.

Some of the costs of your crash for which compensation is available include the following:

  • Ambulance costs or air medical expenses
  • Emergency room visits and in-patient expenses
  • Follow-up doctor’s visits and prescription drug costs
  • Repair bills for your car or the cost of replacing it
  • Rehabilitative, occupational, or other therapies you require
  • Compensation for missed work

In addition, any mental trauma, distress, or similar effects resulting from your crash are compensable expenses. If your quality of life decreases because of a long recovery period or due to permanent injuries, you are entitled to seek compensation.

Compensation is available for both losses you are presently experiencing and those you are likely to face in the future. Sands Law, the Rhode Island motor vehicle accident law firm you can depend on, will assist in helping you understand the true costs of your crash. With our assistance, you can pursue your claim against the at-fault driver and make them pay for their choices.

Evidence Necessary for Your Case to Prevail

While many Rhode Island car accident cases will settle before trial, some will not, and it is impossible to know which category your case will fall into from the onset. Thus, it is crucial that you and your Rhode Island motor vehicle accident lawyer work quickly to gather the evidence you need to prove your claims of negligent or reckless driving.

Alongside your Rhode Island motor vehicle accident attorney, you will gather and preserve the following:

  • Witness statements from eyewitnesses
  • Police reports and diagrams
  • Photographs of the accident scene, including nearby signs, signals, and hazards
  • Cell phone records from other drivers
  • Expert reconstructions describing how the accident likely occurred

Knowing that you must support your claim with witness statements and evidence makes quickly retaining an experienced Rhode Island motor vehicle accident law firm so crucial. Some of that evidence can be lost forever if steps are not taken swiftly to gather and safeguard it, and witnesses may disappear or have their memory fade with time.

Sands Law understands all of these circumstances, which is why, when you retain us, we’ll get to work right away building your case. Strong cases lead to positive outcomes, and we want you to have the most positive outcome possible.

Motor Vehicle Accident FAQs

At Sands Law, our Rhode Island motor vehicle accident lawyers field many questions from our clients. Some of the ones our team frequently encounters are provided here.

How Much Is a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

It’s perfectly reasonable to be concerned about cost, especially if you’re facing significant medical bills. But the good news is that you owe our team nothing up front, and if we can’t secure compensation for you, you owe us nothing. You only pay us a percentage of your total settlement if we win.

How Long Will My Case Take to Resolve?

You need to receive compensation quickly, and Sands Law is committed to helping you do so. The time it takes for your case to resolve, however, can depend on numerous factors. Cases where evidence of the other driver’s fault is strong often settle and are resolved more quickly, sometimes within a matter of weeks, but more contested or disputed cases may take a few months or longer, potentially needing to go to trial in order to be resolved.

How Quickly Do I Need to Take Action?

Rhode Island’s statute of limitations for car accidents is three years from the date of your accident. Within that time, your Rhode Island motor vehicle accident lawyer will need to investigate the causes of your wreck, identify and locate the at-fault driver, and prepare your case’s initial documents. Therefore, it is better to speak with an attorney not long after your crash.

Do I Need to Go to Court for a Motor Vehicle Accident?

It depends. If you and the responsible parties reach a settlement, you may not have to go to court at all. If there are disputed issues in your case, we will attempt to resolve them with a neutral, third-party arbitrator. If neither of these avenues succeeds, a trial may be necessary, in which it is likely that you will need to testify. That may sound intimidating, but you can trust your Rhode Island motor vehicle accident attorney to fully prepare you for court.

Do Not Delay — Speak with Sands Law Right Away

Understanding why your crash happened is crucial to knowing whether you have a case for compensation. You may not know what the at-fault driver was thinking or doing just before the crash, but your Rhode Island motor vehicle accident lawyer from Sands Law can uncover the cause of your crash for you. If negligence is to blame, your attorney will be able to guide your case through the legal recovery process from start to finish.

When you enlist our firm’s help, our team gets straight to work, bringing all of its resources to the table to ensure you are rightfully compensated. We will not rest until we have exhausted all avenues of securing you damages for your injuries. To get started with your legal recovery following a car accident, contact Sands Law as soon as possible.

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