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The Bureau of Labor Statistics consistently identifies construction as one of the most dangerous industries for employees. All of the hazards that make these places hazardous for workers, however, also make them just as treacherous for you and others who live and work around them.

When you are hurt in or near a work zone, recovering compensation can present several challenges. It can be difficult to identify who is responsible for your injuries, and construction firms are often covered by aggressive insurers who are intent on resolving or settling claims for as little as possible.

Enter Sands Law, the Rhode Island construction accident law firm you can count on. Partnering with our legal team gives you more than a fighting chance to recover the compensation you deserve. With our Rhode Island construction accident attorneys by your side, you can hold negligent companies and their workers responsible for their carelessness, no matter how large the company or how vigorously they try to fight.

Responsibility for Construction Site Injuries

One of the biggest challenges you will experience after being hurt in a road work zone or active construction zone is determining which person or company should be held responsible and be ordered to pay you compensation. The process is often complicated by the fact that there may be several individuals, businesses, or agencies who played a role in your accident.

The list of potential defendants in a construction accident includes the following:

1. The Negligent Construction Worker

Employees, including construction workers, are responsible for conducting themselves reasonably and carefully. If one is not paying attention to their surroundings, using equipment for which they have not been trained, or otherwise not following appropriate safety precautions, they can be sued by a Rhode Island construction accident lawyer and subsequently held liable.

2. The Worker’s Company or Employer

If the negligent worker was on the job when the accident happened, then that worker’s employer is potentially on the hook as well. Employers must take responsibility when their employees commit negligent acts that harm others.

In addition, an employer can be responsible for failing to properly train or supervise their employees. If that negligent construction worker needed specialized equipment to keep themselves and others safe, the failure on behalf of the employer to provide them with the proper safety equipment could also be seen as a negligent act.

3. The General Contractor or Supervising Agency

The company or agency supervising the construction project and site may also be liable. For instance, if a contractor or agency hires a firm with a proven or obvious track record of safety violations and lawsuits, they might be responsible if that firm and its workers cause your injuries.

A careful review of the contracts between the supervising firm or agency and the company responsible for your injuries must occur. There may be clauses within the contract that limit the contractor's liability.

There may be other companies or individuals who are negligent beyond these parties, but instead of spending countless hours considering every aspect of liability, allow an experienced Rhode Island construction accident lawyer to undertake the task for you. 

A Rhode Island construction accident attorney with Sands Law will have experience in handling a variety of construction site accidents, including quickly identifying all responsible parties so your claim can proceed. You must seek compensation from all responsible parties, and Sands Law can help you do it when you contact us today.

Construction Site Accident FAQs

Note the following frequently asked questions and answers as you consider reaching out to an attorney for guidance and assistance in obtaining monetary damages.

How Quickly Must I File a Construction Accident Lawsuit?

In Rhode Island, a personal injury case of any form, including a construction accident case, must be commenced within three years of the date you were hurt. As such, you have three years to identify the party (or parties) responsible for your accident, determine how severe your injuries are, and file your case.

All of that can, of course, add up if you are also recovering from severe injuries. Hiring an attentive Rhode Island construction accident law firm can help you accomplish those tasks and ensure your claim commences within the three-year deadline.

What Injuries Can I Be Compensated For?

Any loss or injury you sustain because of a construction site or work zone injury has the potential to be compensated through a construction accident lawsuit. Any medical bills or other medical-related costs can be compensated, as well, as can any time you missed from work and the wages you could have earned had you been able to work. Finally, any emotional harm and suffering you endured can lead to additional compensation.

Do Construction Accident Cases Typically Settle Out of Court?

Many cases involving construction site injuries do settle without ever going to trial, but you must have any settlement offer you receive be evaluated by an experienced Rhode Island construction accident lawyer before accepting it. Once you have accepted a settlement, you lose any further right to request additional compensation.

If your case does not settle during the initial mediation and negotiations, do not worry: More cases actually settle during (or right after) arbitration, a process that occurs between mediation and any potential trial that seeks to resolve these disputes outside of court.

At Sands Law, we’ll ensure you understand the risks and rewards of accepting a settlement so you can make an informed decision that helps your situation.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Attorney to Represent Me?

When you work with Sands Law, retaining the services of a dependable Rhode Island construction accident lawyer requires no upfront fees, and you’ll only pay should your attorney win your case. Their payment will be automatically deducted from your total winnings.

Liability for Construction Accidents

In most personal injury cases, a party is deemed responsible for paying damages to injury victims if said party acted negligently.

Negligence, or carelessness, exists when a person does something that another reasonable person would not have done when faced with the same situation. Backing a road grader into traffic and causing a crash without first looking to ensure the pathway is clear is just one of many examples of negligent behavior.

However, some construction activities are so abnormally dangerous that they subject the people who engage in them to a different level of liability. Those who engage in so-called ”ultrahazardous” activities are liable for any injuries they cause, regardless of whether they acted negligently.

Suppose you are injured when a construction company hired to blast rocks causes you harm. Because blasting rocks is considered an ultrahazardous activity, the company is strictly liable to you for damages. You do not need to allege or prove the blasting company acted negligently in any way to recover damages: You only need to show that the company and its employees engaged in the ultrahazardous activity that you were directly hurt by.

Knowing the standard of liability that applies to your case is another reason why it pays to retain a knowledgeable Rhode Island construction accident lawyer for help with your claim. You could waste valuable time and energy trying to prove elements of your case that do not need to be proven in the first place while ignoring the elements that truly matter.

Turn the services of a reliable Rhode Island construction accident law firm like Sands Law. We will work to ensure that your claim proceeds toward a resolution as quickly as possible and will waste no time on issues that do not matter to your recovery.

Comparative Negligence in a Rhode Island Construction Lawsuit

Construction sites and work zones often involve swarms of activity, and it is not uncommon for their presence to present an inconvenience to you and your daily routine. As you try to push your way through a construction zone, you could help contribute to an accident. Speeding through a work zone, for instance, can make it more likely that a careless equipment operator will back into you and cause a serious accident.

Rhode Island law states that a person contributing to their own injuries can still pursue compensation, but whatever you recover may be reduced to account for the role your carelessness played in the accident. Unlike some states, however, Rhode Island will not prevent you from filing a claim and pursuing compensation just because you may have also been careless.

A Rhode Island construction accident attorney can delve deep into the facts of your case, drawing out evidence that minimizes your role in the accident and helping to maximize your recovery. Speak with Sands Law today to learn more about what our Rhode Island construction accident law firm can do for you.

Common Construction Site Injuries in Warwick, RI

Many construction site injuries can be avoided by proper site preparation. Improperly constructed or secured scaffolding, for example, may cause a serious fall that could have otherwise been avoided. Negligently maintained equipment may malfunction, causing catastrophic injuries to a worker. A careless site foreman may allow safety violations that lead to preventable accidents. The following are the most common types of construction site accidents:

  • icon Falls
  • icon Struck by falling, swinging or flying objects
  • icon Electrocution
  • icon Caught-in or caught between equipment
  • icon Structure collapse
  • icon Scaffolding accidents
  • icon Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • icon Construction vehicle accidents
  • icon Equipment malfunction
  • icon Saw, nail gun, and other tool-related injuries

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Construction accident claims can be complex due to workers’ compensation laws, but the right attorney can properly represent your rights to seek maximum benefits on your behalf. This may include money for medical care, lost wages while you are unable to work, and even continuing support if you are left disabled. Let a Rhode Island construction accident lawyer handle every aspect of your claim so you can focus your energy on healing and spending time with loved ones.

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