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The obvious goal of any personal injury claim is to obtain the maximum compensation possible for our clients’ injuries. However, we view our role as more than that. We try to provide guidance, support, and resources for clients so they can focus all their energy on their recovery.

There’s nothing worse than having to try to deal with professionally trained claims representatives at a time when you are already feeling less than 100% from being injured.

The skilled Rhode Island personal injury attorneys at Sands Law Offices work hard to handle all aspects of the client’s case so that they can have confidence knowing that they are being taken care of by skilled professionals they can trust. The only thing the client needs to worry about then is getting back to good health.

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Rhode Island Personal Injury Statute Of Limitations

According to Title 9, Ch. 1, Sec. 9-1-14 of the Rhode Island statutes the statute of limitations on personal injury cases is three years. This means you have three years from the date of your injury to file a claim or you will lose your right to recover compensation. Rhode Island does recognize some exceptions to the statute of limitations, depending on the specifics of your case.

For example if an injury victim is a minor at the time of an accident, they have until three years after their eighteenth birthday to file a claim before the statute of limitation runs out. Because of these excetpions that can both extend and shorten your time to file, it is best to file your personal injury claim as soon as possible. Have questions about the statute of limitations? Call our firm today to speak to an attorney.

How Do I Determine the Value of My Personal Injury Claim?

If you were injured due to negligence, you have a right to seek compensation for your injuries. Justice can be carried out when you partner with our injury attorneys in Warwick. We understand the nuances of injury claims and will help you navigate through the complexities that may arise in dealing with insurance companies.

When calculating an injury claim, insurance companies use the following types of damages to determine the value of a claim:

  • Special Damages- Also known as "economic damages" these types of losses are measurable. They refer to the amount of money that you lost and may continue to lose as a result of your injury due to negligence. Special damages include medical bills and lost wages.
  • General Damages- Also known as "non-economic damages" these types of losses are intangible in nature. General damages include losses such as pain and suffering and emotional trauma. These types of damages are measured by the amount that you've endured and will continue to endure as a result of your injury due to negligence.

If you believe you have grounds for an injury claim or if you have questions regarding the value of your case, contact Sands Law Offices for experienced and dedicated representation to receive maximum compensation for your suffering!

Our Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyers Have Experience in a Wide Range of Claims

After experiencing an accident due to negligence, an injured party may feel overwhelmed by the complications that are included in filing an injury claim. Sands Law Offices has expertise in many different types of injury claims so that when you partner with us, you will always feel protected and supported during this difficult time.

Our attorneys in Rhode Island handle injury claims including, but not limited to the following:

  • Car Accidents- Auto and car accidents can cause chaos in an individuals life. With motor vehicle accidents being the leading cause of death in the country, it is important to make sure that your loved ones are protected when you are involved in a Rhode Island car accident due to negligence. Our lawyers will help you hold the negligent parties responsible to help you seek compensation for injuries sustained from rollover accidents, drunk driving accidents, distracted driving accidents, and many more.
  • Wrongful Death- Losing a loved one is a traumatic event, especially when their passing is sudden and due to a negligent act. Sands Law Offices will help you to ensure that the liable parties involved in your loved one's death are held responsible.
  • Workers' Compensation- If you have been injured while on the job, there are important steps to follow in order to ensure that you receive proper compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys will help you to recover full compensation and the complete workers' compensation benefits that you deserve under Rhode Island workers' compensation laws.
  • Medical Malpractice- Medical professionals have the responsibility to provide their patients with a standard of safe care. When this standard is violated, the results can be harmful and devastating. If your doctor has failed to provide you with a correct diagnosis, prescribed a prescription error, or conducted a surgical error, you may be eligible for compensation by filing a medical malpractice claim.
  • Premises Liability- When you are injured on someone else's property due to a slip and fall accident, a dog bite, or an issue related to negligent security, you may have the right to pursue compensation for your injuries. Filing a premises liability claim can be a complicated process, so it is important to contact an injury attorney in Rhode Island as soon as possible for assistance with receiving proper compensation.

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We Treat Our Clients Like Family!

The level of personal attention and service that Sands Law Offices dedicates to each case is second to none. Our personal injury lawyer in RI always strives to treat clients like we would want to be treated if we were in their shoes. When someone hires us, we treat them like family.

Although approximately 95% to 96% of personal injury cases will ultimately settle before trial, we strive to prepare every case as if it is going to court from the time a client hires us. It is our belief that this attention to detail sends a message to the insurance companies that we can and will take a case to court if they treat our clients unfairly and offer them anything less than full and fair compensation.

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Why Should I Hire a Rhode Island Personal Injury Attorney?

This is a common question people ask when a seemingly simple accident like a rear-end collision occurs. Our team has devoted more than 20 years to this area of legal practice, and we know that it’s always in your best interests to have legal representation. Unlike insurance companies, Sands Law Offices is a true advocate on your side. More often than not, insurance companies are looking out for what will save their company money, not what you need in order to recover well from your accident. Our firm is dedicated to fighting for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve and working towards your best interest every step along the way.

Here are a few objective reasons for you to consider hiring an attorney for your injuries.

  • People that hire attorneys recover an average of 50% more compensation than those who try to represent a claim alone. Even after paying legal fees, a person would still recover significantly more than if they tried to do things on their own.
  • Hiring an attorney is convenient for you. Your time is valuable. Why waste it dealing with insurance companies when we can fight on your behalf?
  • You can trust that your claim will be properly handled. Without knowing all that claims entail, there are situations where you could actually agree to a settlement where you end up losing money due to a lack of knowledge about the laws of subrogation.

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Compensation is just one part of getting your life back in order after a sudden injury. Mr. Sands makes it his personal mission to not only obtain fair compensation for his clients, he will also do anything and everything he can to help people get their lives back through his unique style of caring and compassionate advocacy.

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